• Tuscany

    Tuscany, Italy

    The light in Tuscany is unique and leads to a golden color in photos. Its a beautiful place.

    Tuscany, Italy

  • Catania

    Catania, Italy

    This is one of the larger and most authentic local outdoor markets in Italy.

    Catania, Province of Catania, Italy

  • Athens

    Athens, Greece

    There are unique, ancient ruins around nearly every corner in Athens. The Acropolis is the center point of this vast city and stands high above just about everything. It is beautiful at night because it is always bathed in golden light.

    Athens, Greece

  • Louvre Museum

    Paris, France

    Former historic palace housing a huge art collection, from Roman sculptures to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. 

    A "must see"! Home to many famous paintings including the Mona Lisa. And the Eqyptian room is simply breathtaking with so many authentic items from Ancient Egyptian tombs.

    Louvre Museum


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Oceania Cruises - A Chef's Passion

There’s much more to creating The Finest Cuisine at Sea™ than meets the eye. Its about passion, dedication and art. This video is the last in a series of four pieces that capture the true spirit of Oceania Cruises – and why the brand resonates so strongly with cruise guests.

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