LA Jams

After a 20-year stint in St. Louis, the Rams are finally coming back to their hometown of Los Angeles. While the general consensus regarding the return of an NFL team is a positive one, the burning question that looms over most Angelenos remains: Why on earth is Los Angeles' NFL team named after uncastrated male sheep? Has any LA local ever seen any rams sauntering down the 405 South? We think not. What we have seen on the 405 South are jams—traffic jams that is. 
SoCal based sports junkies and masters of the two-minute sports newsletter, The Lead Sports, takes an anti-establishment approach to sports reporting and pretty much everything else. In LA Jams, they have taken LA's mascot matters into their own hands by teaming up with New Man Media to appropriately redub LA's NFL team and showcase some iconic spots around our city. Join the movement and don't forget to pick up some Jams merch HERE

Video starring:
Sam Daly: aka "Red Kobe" aka "Strawberry Fire" 
Joey Livingston: aka "Jukebox" aka "MC Scrabble"
Faye Medeson: Swedish artist and songwriter - Instagram: @fayemusic_

Directed by: New MAN Media (Ian Ward and Leonora Anzaldua)
Song written by: Joey Livingston, Sam Daly, and Faye Medeson
Produced by: Tim Livingston @ TheLeadSports
Terrell Owens (Instagram: @terrellowens)
Tai Lopez (Instagram: @tailopez)
Taye Diggs (Twitter: @TayeDiggs)
Dean Cain (Twitter: @RealDeanCain)

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