• Westfjords Region

    Westfjords Region, Iceland

    The Westfjords or West Fjords is a large peninsula in northwestern Iceland and an administrative district. It lies on the Denmark Strait, facing the east coast of Greenland.

    Westfjords Region, Iceland

  • Stokksnes

    Stokksnes, Iceland

    Stokksnes is a headland on the southeastern Icelandic coast, near Hofn and Hornafjördur. There is a light house on the tip of the land.

    Stokksnes, Iceland

  • Jökulsárlón

    Jökulsárlón, Iceland

    Jökulsárlón is a large glacial lake in southeast Iceland, on the edge of Vatnajökull National Park

    Jökulsárlón, Iceland

  • Skaftafell

    Skaftafell, Iceland

    Skaftafell is a wilderness area in Iceland's Vatnajökull National Park. Its huge glaciers include Skaftafellsjökull and Svínafellsjökull. Trails lead to Kristínartindar Mountain and to the Svartifoss waterfall, which tumbles over black basalt columns. Morsárdalur Valley and the Bæjarstaðarskógur woodlands lie to the west. East, Öræfajökull Volcano is known for its soaring, ice-capped peak, Hvannadalshnúkur.

    Skaftafell, Iceland

  • Drangsnes

    Drangsnes, Iceland


    Drangsnes is a small town in the western part of Iceland, at the mouth of Steingrímsfjörður and near Hólmavík. It is part of the Kaldrananeshreppur municipality and only has 67 inhabitants.

    Drangsnes, Iceland

  • Grjótagjá cave

    Atlanta, Iceland

    Grjótagjá is a small lava cave near lake Mývatn with a thermal spring inside. In early 18th century the outlaw Jón Markússon lived there and used the cave for bathing. Until the 1970s Grjótagjá was a popular bathing site.

    Grjótagjá cave, North Island Drive Northwest, 30327 Atlanta, Iceland

  • Fjaðrárgljúfur

    Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland

    Fjaðrárgljúfur is a canyon in south east Iceland which is up to 100 m deep and about 2 kilometres long, with the Fjaðrá river flowing through it. It is located near the Ring Road, not far from the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

    Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland

  • Myvatn Nature Baths

    Myvatn, Iceland

  • North Sailing - Húsavík Whale Watching

    Húsavík, Iceland

  • Krafla Volcano

    Reykjahlíð, Iceland

    Krafla is a caldera of about 10 km in diameter with a 90 km long fissure zone, in the north of Iceland in the Mývatn region. Its highest peak reaches up to 818 m and it is 2 km in depth. There have been 29 reported eruptions in recorded history.

    Nearby is the village of Reykjahlíð, Lake Mývatn and the Hverfjall Crater.

    Elevation: 2,684′

    Last eruption: 1984

    Krafla, Iceland

  • Látrabjarg

    Látrabjarg, Iceland

    Látrabjarg, is a promontory and the westernmost point in Iceland. The cliffs are home to millions of birds, including puffins, northern gannets, guillemots and razorbills.

    Látrabjarg, Iceland

  • Dyrhólaey Arch

    Vík, Iceland

    The small peninsula, or promontory, Dyrhólaey is located on the south coast of Iceland, not far from the village Vík. It was formerly an island of volcanic origin, which is also known by the Icelandic word eyja meaning island.

    Dyrhólaey, Dýrholaviti, 871 Vík, Iceland

    +354 487 1480

  • Hellulaug

    Hellulaug, Iceland

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