Discover East Arnhem Land with Intrepid Travel

Working in partnership with the Yolngu people, Intrepid Travel is launching a new community-based trip in the remote East Arnhem Land region of Australia's Northern Territory. With the Yolngu culture, customs and way of life being the focus of the trip, the experience will give travellers from near and far a chance to be immersed in this picturesque corner of Australia that is home to incredible cultural, linguistic and environmental riches. Visiting the remote coastal communities of Nyinyikay, Bremer Island and Nhulunbuy (also known as Gove), the ancient culture of the Saltwater people is the cornerstone of this 7-day trip. Staying as guests of the Yolngu, travellers will get the chance to camp with Traditional Owners, hear some of the stories that are the lifeblood of the culture, learn how to hunt, fish, and learn about Dhuwa and Yirritja way of life, which will challenge many of us that live in westernised society. “Nyinyikay is a very unique area, there’s not many places around in Arnhem Land that is like this, with big cliffs, with a view of water right at your doorstep. Yolngu have been living here for thousands of generations. The lifestyle’s changed a bit, but the knowledge is ancient.” says Marcus Lacey, a young leader of Yolngu Customary and Ngärra Law who lives with his family on the homeland community of Nyinyikay. “This is a new day for us. We want to be able to use tourism as a vehicle for connecting with other people. Come here, sit with us, walk with us, eat with us. This is the real Aboriginal Australia.” To find out more, head to

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