Youssef Fakhouri


Youssef F. Yousseff Fakhouri, owner of Vromage, LA's first all-vegan cheese shop, first cracked the code to artisanal non-dairy cheeses in an effort to impress "a young beautiful woman who was vegan" he was hanging out with back in 2009 While the French-Moroccan former restaurateur admits he used to make fun of vegans when he first came to the United States, he also noticed "everybody in LA had objections about animals, the environment, calling upon his Mediterranean roots, he began playing with ingredients and traditional cheese-making methods of aging and fermentation to "do it just the way the farmers do it," trying to improve upon the bland mixture of cashews and nutritional yeast often passed off as vegan "cheese." He gave away samples of his yields, and even tricked fellow omnivorous French and Italian chefs into believing it was the real thing. The romance ended (they're still friends) after five years, but Fakhouri began to feel confident enough to sell his new product to the public

7988 Sunset Blvd