• Annecy

    Annecy, France

    Annecy is an alpine town in southeastern France, where Lake Annecy feeds into the Thiou River. It’s known for its Vieille Ville (old town), with cobbled streets, winding canals and pastel-colored houses. Overlooking the city, the medieval Château d’Annecy, once home to the Counts of Geneva, contains a museum with regional artifacts such as Alpine furniture and religious art, plus a natural history exhibit.

    Annecy, France

  • Brest

    Brest, France

    Brest is a port city in Brittany, in northwestern France, bisected by the Penfeld river. It’s known for its rich maritime history and naval base. At the mouth of the Penfeld, overlooking the harbor, is the National Navy Museum, housed in the medieval Château de Brest. Across the river stands Tour Tanguy, a medieval tower. To the northeast are the National Botanical Conservatory and the Océanopolis aquarium.

    Brest, France

  • Brittany

    Brittany, France

    Brittany is one of the 18 regions of France. It is named after the historic and geographic region of Brittany, of which it constitutes 80%. The regional capital is Rennes.

    Brittany, France

  • French Alps

    Aosta, Italy

    The French Alps are the portions of the Alps mountain range that stand within France, located in the Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions.

    French Alps, 11013 Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy

Mathieu Le Lay


Mathieu Le Lay is a French director and cinematographer since 2008. After he graduated in wildlife conservation at the University of Salford (UK), his passion for cinema, nature and wildlife led him to one year's study at IFFCAM, the French wildlife film school.