Anthony Valadez


You'll know Anthony Valadez from the Latest Show on KCRW where he plays “broken beats, soulful key chords, samples and sounds” and provides astute pleasantries about being human between DJ sets. Anthony, born and raised in LA, has a knack for putting you in the mood: whether that be “clean your entire apartment in disco pants,” “imbibe copious amounts of alcohol” or “eat a pint of Phish Food and cry.” Anthony has you covered with his smooth mixes that blend instrumentals with the likes of modern indie ‘it’ artists such as Anderson Paak and Katrynada with classic acts like Caetano Veloso in the same set. While Anthony’s music selection skills are an artform in their own right, let it be known that the DJ also makes his own music and has done some spicy remixes as well.