Aaron Melendrez


An Eastside LA native, Aaron Melendrez grew up spending time in the kitchen with his grandma and aunts, watching them effortlessly prepare meals for their family. It was during those times that he grew an appreciation for the flavors of his culture, which has inspired his cocktails at Salazar. With the help of his friend esteemed barman Aaron Alvarez, Melendrez taught himself about the world of mixology. At his first bartending job at Plan Check in Los Angeles, he became the head bartender. From there, he spearheaded the cocktail programs at notable restaurants and bars including The Normandie Club, The Walker Inn, and Pistola. Melendrez’s dedication and passion for his work is clear; as a member of the prestigious Bon Vivants group and the Southern California ambassador for Tequila Ocho, Melendrez immerses himself in all things cocktail.

Los Angeles, CA