The Ganja Smoking Sadhus Of The Ganges - Travel Varanasi

Brand: World Nomads

Series Director / Executive Producer: Jesse Chard

Director / Producer: Yasmin Bright

Host: Caroline Pemberton

Going to Varanasi, India for many people is a life changing experience. The open air cremations at the banks of the river Ganges have become legendary, and for many spiritually minded travellers, a pilgrimage to the region is a must do. We follow World Nomad Caroline Pemberton through her adventure to the revered Holi land of Varanasi, as she discovers the truth of death and life through her insider friend, Mohan Singh. He shows her the Ganja Sadhus, and explains the meaning of their holy presence - and introduces her to the mysterious keeper of the eternal cremation fire. Where she goes from there...well, you'll just have to discover yourself!

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